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Hildegard of Bingen (part one)

Today it is the feast-day of St.Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179), "Sibyl of the Rhine". She is one of the great mystics of the Middle Ages. 


Today I will pull a card about a theme in one of her texts.

In your midst

I, God, am in your midst.
Whoever knows me can never fall,
Not in the heights,
Nor in the depths,
Nor in the breadth,
For I am love,
Which the vast expanses of evil
Can never still.
           Hildegard of Bingen

In this poem God speaks. He says that he is in our midst , and that falling is not possible for the ones who know God, because God is love, and this love will prevent that. What this 'falling' means is not specified. I think 'falling into evil' is meant, because evil is mentioned later in the text. The evil does not have to be only 'wrongdoings', but can also be loss, sorrow and pain.

Several questions are possible to explore this poem with tarot. I will mention some. What is meant by 'falling' in this poem? When or how do I 'fall'? What does it mean to me that God is love? How does Gods' love stop the 'vast expanses of evil'? How does God (who is love) protects me from falling (into evil). What does it mean to 'know' God? What does it mean to me, if I do not run the risk of falling?

I will choose one of the questions and pull a card this evening. I must leave now. I am regretting that.

Tags: religious question, saint, text by a mystic

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