ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

New Clothes

It write this at the end of the day. The question for my card today is: “Who was I today?” The card that I pulled is The Emperor, St. Constantine from the Tarot of Saints. 


Drawing the Emperor means I was and still am the Emperor today. It feels a little awkward, standing like the emperor. Sort of…am I really standing here? It feels if my clothes do not fit, as it I just became aware of my position. I felt a little uncomfortable with myself today, which is what the card reflects. Seen in other angle the card reflects me being regal in dealing with situations in my work, stepping out of my petty little self, in order to see things in a bigger and more healing perspective (symbolized by the sun behind the emperor).

Oh...and I fitted many clothes in shops today, and I wear something new. 
Tags: card of the day, emperor, tarot of saints

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