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Biblical Forefathers instead of Foremothers

What a days. Beside the worldwide financial crisis which is strange to witness, I am busy. Cannot digest one thing before starting another.

Tomorrow is the start of Sukkot. In the two years past I invited ´guests´ in my blog. My blog changes for a while in a virtual Sukka. It is my plan to do this for a third time, despite me ‘being really busy’. The question for my card today is pulled from the Shining Woman Tarot. I asked for guidance for my posts during this holiday. The card that I received surprised me very much. I have pulled Three of Trees (Three of Wands). 

The statues on the card are trees with clothes. These are spirit beings from the Ojibwa people of Canada, meant to attract spirits. The central figure is called ´Grandfather´ by Rachel Pollack.

The guests that are usually invited in the Sukka´s are the forefathers from the bible. These figures are as the ´grandfather´ from Rachel Pollacks Tarot. Until now I have the foremothers invited. This year I will change this. I will invite the forefathers.
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