ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Sukkot, Isaac as Guest

This evening I invite again the biblical forefathers in my virtual sukkah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron and David. 


Today Isaac is singled out. His virtue is personal strength and restraint. I asked him to give me a teaching for my heart. The most challenging story in the bible is about Isaac. Isaac is the son of Abraham. 


God had asked his father Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. When they went up the mountain Isaac was puzzled because they had not taken a sacrificial animal. His father said that God would provide one. When Isaac was lying bounded on the altar and Abraham raised his knife, Abraham was called by an angel not to touch his son, and use a little ram that was nearby caught by its horns in a bush.

The card that I have pulled is Ace of Rivers (Cups) from the Shining Woman Tarot. 


I am working on a workshop about psalms of forgiveness. I use psalm 51. I come into contact with a lot of resistance reading the words of the psalm. I do not undergo the great ordeal that Isaac went through, but I need all my strength to go upwards to the source of the stream (which is shown on the card as a mouth) to come in contact with what is giving life in the psalm. Just as Isaac trusted his father, I need to trust that somewhere in the psalm is something beneficial. The teaching for my heart is, to go and look for it.
Tags: ace of cups, biblical forefathers, psalm, sukkot 2008

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