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Sukkot: Jacob and the Hanged Woman

This is the third day of the Jewish festival Sukkot. Ach day I invite seven forefathers in my virtual Sukkah: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron and David. 


Each night I ask one of them a teaching for my heart. Today I’ve asked Jacob. Mistakenly I singled Jacob out yesterday, and asked him for a teaching, and I pulled the Hanged Woman. Consistent as the tarot is, I pulled this card today again when I asked him again the same question. 


The virtue of Jacob is beauty and truth (Tifereth on the Tree of Life). Jacob did his uttermost best to get what wanted in his life. He worked hard, and cheated and lied for it. He also fought a night long with God and survived.

The Hanged Woman shows surrender to spiritual power. This card fits very well at the sephirah because the notion of sacrifice belongs to Tifereth. 


I have always loved the image of this Hanged Woman, but today it is irritating me. It is as if something is forgotten on the card, as if the playfulness is needed to cover up anger and suffering.

I an not sure why I receive this teaching from Jacob. Maybe it is to do with Jacob running away all the time, the Hanged Woman cannot run away. Jacob runs away from Esau whom he deceived, and from Laban, his father in law. As a consequence Jacobs teaching for my heart could be: “Do not run away, do not take the easy way out, stay with feelings that are uncomfortable, surrender to a spiritual power and fight with it if needed”.

Time to go to sleep now.
Tags: biblical forefathers, hanged man, sukkot 2008

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