ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Sukkot, Moses as Guest

Yesterday I invited Moses in my virtual Sukka, but I did not post his teaching because I was too tired. Moses represents eternality and the Torah (Netzach). 


Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt where they were slaves, and he received the Torah on Mount Sinai. For his teaching for my heart I have pulled Speaker of Trees from the Tarot of Rachel Pollack. 


I have pulled a powerful card, the Speaker of Trees (King of Wands sort of) from The Shining Woman Tarot. 


The Speaker of Trees, speaks her mind, is confident and daring, expressing and sharing new ideas. The card fits Moses. He spoke up for the people of Israel, asking the Pharaoh permission to leave the country. This was a brave thing; Moses was not eloquent. For me the message is to share my ideas with confidence.
Tags: king of wands, shining woman tarot, sukkot 2008

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