ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Sukkot, Joseph as Guest


Today I have asked Joseph as a biblical forefather in my virtual Sukkah to ask him a teaching. 


Joseph represents holiness and spiritual foundation (Yesod on the Tree of Life). I received the Speaker of Stones (King of Pentacles) from the Shining Woman Tarot. This is the second Speaker I’ve pulled this Sukkot. 


Joseph interpreted dreams, and he was very sure about himself. He told his brother a dream that said to hem that he would become rich and that many people, including his brothers, would bow for him. All came true. First Joseph was left to dye in a dry well by his brothers who were jealous, but after many detours he became very wealthy and powerful.

The Speaker of Stones speaks from conviction, her words carved into the earth. She can wealthy too, just as Moses. Today my bank is being partly nationalized. My savings are not lost. The message for me by Joseph is again, just as the teaching from Moses, that I need to stand behind myself in my doings and in my speaking. 

He  also urges me to enjoy the speaking of creation: the falling leaves and the sun through the colours of the autumn leaves.
Tags: biblical forefathers, king of pentacles, sukkot 2008

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