ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Sukkot, David as Guest

Today is the last day of the Jewish festival Sukkot. I have asked David a teaching for my heart. David represents the establishment of heaven and earth (Malkut on the Tree of life). King David was a passionate man who possessed intense feelings. According to tradition he wrote the psalms, songs and prayers in which deep feelings are uttered. It is not surprising that I have pulled Strength as his teaching for me from the Shining Woman Tarot.


 In this version of Strength there is no woman that tames the lion. The card aims at connecting to intense feelings that serve as a guide through life. I do not know if I like that particularly, but the effect is important to me. It helps to bring out the Speaker of Earth and Trees: to stand for myself and my values.

Tags: biblical forefathers, sukkot 2008

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