ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

My Bat Qualities

It is nearly Halloween. I am looking into the animals and creatures that belong to Halloween, and how I am like them. Firstly the bat. By making high noises and listening to the echoes, bats locate prey and objects. They sleep in dark carves or cellars. Bats are active in twilight or in the night.

The question for my card is: How are my bat qualities developed? How am I as a bat? I’m reading with the Halloween Tarot. 


It seems that I’ve pulled a ‘anti bat’ card: the Sun. Bats hate sunshine. They reside in shadows.But it is not really an anti-bat card. We see the sun from a dark cave in which the odd bat resides: one of them is yawning on the right.

To be honest I like to be in the centre as this sun is. That is not very bat-like. The actual sun though can be hard for me to endure. In that case I want to be in the place where the bats are: in the shade. Thus: my need for shadow, and fear for the sun is my bat quality.
Tags: halloween, halloween characters, halloween tarot, sun

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