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Ghosts belong very much to Halloween. Dead spirits that roam our world, especially on the day that the veil between the worlds thinner is than usal. Ghosts are there and not there, barely visible. They appear suddenly and vanish in the same way.

My question for today is: How am I ghost, what is my quality as a ghost?  As an answer I have received the Knight of Imps (Wands) from the Halloween Tarot. 


The Knight of Imps (Wands) is a very visible figure, very present, not like a ghost at all. But it is not the transparency of the ghost that is the issue here for me. Sometimes I scare people when I say hello to them really, really loudly. Me doing taht reminds me of the fiery horse of the knight, jumping and evaporing white smoke from his nose. The little red devilish figure makes it all extra fiery. As I said earlier, ghosts appear suddeny. By scaring people saying hello to them so loudly I am like a ghost. That is my ghosty quality.
Tags: halloween, halloween characters, halloween tarot, knight of wands

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