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Hildegard of Bingen (part two)

In my last entry I did say I would draw a card with a question about the theme of a text by Hildegard of Bingen, since it is her feast-day. I had a long drive as a passenger. Therefore I  could think a long time about the -confronting- card I had pulled (in the car) from the Arthurian Tarot. And when we arrived, the thinking continued, for we made a walk in friendly woods. Funny enough these resembled the wood pictured on the card pretty well. 

In your midst

I, God, am in your midst.
Whoever knows me can never fall,
   Not in the heights,
   Nor in the depths,
   Nor in the breadth,
For I am love,
Which the vast expanses of evil
Can never still.
             Hildegard of Bingen

Of all the questions I mentioned in my previous entry I wanted most an answer to the following: "How does God, who is love, prevents me from falling (into evil)"? 


The card I pulled is grail three, a picture of a laid-out table in an open space in the woods. The table looks almost like an altar laid out for the eucharist, but is much more friendly and inviting. This version of three of cups is a card of resting, rejuvenating, of getting new energy for the journey. I love this card.

For me this card means God/love invites me to rest and regenerate myself, to have no thoughts but happy thoughts, and no worries for the time being. It would make me happy if I do that. So, the ´fall´ for me is my inability to relax. What is so confronting about that?

Thing is with tarot, cards does not do the work, they invite you to do as they show. Thing is with God, he or she does not do the work, God invites you to walk a certain path. Thus, seeing what is needed in my life is not enough.

Doing is what is necessary.

That is what I had to think about during my long drive through the september-haze, and while I walked in those friendly woods. Because I just cannot do that.

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