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Rosh Chodesh

Today it is Rosh Chodesh, the Jewish festival of the New Moon. This festival is about the promise of renewal. The moon the feminine side of God renews itself each month. Just as the moon can renew herself, we can renew ourselves. She is our promise of renewal.

I’ve pulled a card to celebrate this festival. I have drawn it with the question: What can I renew this month?

I always pull a card from the Tarot of Jane Austen at Rosh Chodesh, but because it almost Halloween, I’ve made an exception and pulled my card time from the Halloween Tarot. 


The card I received is Seven of Bats (Swords). I will be doing my planning for next season this moth. Looking at the card, on which a radish man walks stealthily away from a camp in which he has stolen bats, I need to be careful with my planning. I must be straightforward and not strategic. It is important to communicate about it and I need to focus on my heart desires, not making too much compromises in time and energy.

Dear God,
Help me plan for next season,
that I communicate with all involved,
not take to much on my shoulders,
and follow what really is my hearts' desire,

The change you make in your heart is open,  
and is beneficial for us and for the world.
That I might be able to follow what you started.
Tags: halloween, halloween tarot, rosh chodesh, seven of swords

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