ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

St. Martin

We were deprived from internet, telephone and television for quite some time. I missed it sorely, more than my family members.

Today it was St. Martin. On this day many children go through the streets and sing songs for people for candy. This festival goes back to St. Martin, a soldier who split his cape in two halves when he met a beggar and gave it to him. The night after that he dreamt that Jesus was the same man as the beggar. “What you did to the beggar you did to me.” Jesus said to him in his dream. The children who go to the houses are like little beggars and the people who give them something are as St. Martin.

How am I as the children, impersonating the beggar, singing at the doors?

I’ve used the Tarot of Doors, and I received 10 of Wands. 


I can easily identify with the man behind the glass door. My thoughts and feelings this evening to past times, when I walked with my daughter through the streets, helping her singing the songs and stacking away the candy. That time is behind me, I cannot reach it any more. It fills my with nostalgia.

But I asked a card for me as a child impersonating the beggar, so I think I need to spent some time with the little girl that stands before the door looking at the man. She looks in wonder at the man. She is not needy, she does not feel rejected by not receiving candy as a trade for her singing. She just looks in surprise. Hmmm, what an adult girl this is! I do think this is the best way to beg, not feeling needy, looking at what happens as in surprise.

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