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I have pulled Seven of Pentacles (RWS) for what is important to me in first half of the upcoming year. 


I see this card as the need of taking stock, in order to see what I have grown, maybe to cut back, or to choose a direction. I want to delve deeper into this card with the help of a spread. It is from Bec, and she posted it on Aeclectic tarotforum: “Wat does (insert) card mean to you?”

Position 1: What influences does this card have on you?
Position 2: What are the strengths associated with this card?
Position 3: What are the weaknesses associated with this card?
Position 4: What is the overall meaning of the card for you?

First question: What influences does the Seven of Pentacles have on me?

Oh dear, I have pulled the Emperor. He looks very stern! 


Pictured on this card from the Tarot of Jane Austen is Thomas Bertram from Mansfield Park. The influence the Seven of Pentacles has on me is that I think I need to care for ‘my estate’, look after it. Thomas Bertram is conventional, and traditional, so no fancy things or clever and time consuming but really interesting projects for me. I feel a little bit overwhelmed by the Seven of Pentacles, as if in protest.
Tags: emperor, rws, spread, tarot of jane austen
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