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No worries

I have pulled the Four of Coins from the Jane Austen Tarot today to shed light on the Seven of Pentacles, drawn with the question in mind what is important for me in the next half a year.

I am delving deeper into Seven of Pentacles, a card that I pulled with the question what is important for me in the upcoming half year. I do this with a spread from the Aeclectic tarotforum:

Position 1: What influences does this card have on you?
Position 2: What are the strengths associated with this card?
Position 3: What are the weaknesses associated with this card?
Position 4: What is the overall meaning of the card for you?

Yesterday I read card 1. Today I read the second card: What are the strengths associated with this card? 


I have pulled Four of Pentacles from the Jane Austen Tarot. Depicted are Mr. and Mrs. John Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility. The father of John Dashwood has died. The widow and two daughters of the father of Jane Dashwood are shown in background. Mr. and Mrs. Dashwood are not generous towards the daughters and the widow. They want to keep the inheritance all for themselves. This card is about money and about the fear of not having enough. Since the Four of Pentacles shows the strength of Seven of Pentacles it tells me that there is enough. Indeed, there are many pentacles in the bush of Seven of Pentacles. I do not have to worry. 

Tags: four of pentacles, tarot of jane austen

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