ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Lacking clarity


I am looking into Seven of Pentacles, a card that I pulled with the question what is important to me in the upcoming half year. 


Yesterday and the day before I have read position 1 and 2 from a spread found at the Aeclectic Tarot forum.

Position 1: What influences does this card have on you?
Position 2: What are the strengths associated with this card?
Position 3: What are the weaknesses associated with this card?
Position 4: What is the overall meaning of the card for you?

Today I have pulle the card for position three, which looks a the weakness associated with this card, and I added ‘for me’. 


The Ace of Quills came at the table, which in the Tarot of Jane Austen is a sharp quill with a feather. It is a card of great clarity. This is something what is hard for me, lacking clarity, not knowing what to do or what to choose. So that is what will I surely sorely miss as the gardener on the Seven of Pentacles, looking at all the pentacles I have so dutifully and lovingly grown for the past ten years (next year is my Wheel of Fortune Year), deciding what I want do with them, or how to go on.  
Tags: ace of swords, tarot of jane austen

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