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A few days now I am looking into the Seven of Pentacles, a card that I pulled with the question what is important to me in the upcoming half year. 


I do this with the help of a spread found at the Aeclectic Tarot forum.

Position 1: What influences does this card have on you?
Position 2: What are the strengths associated with this card?
Position 3: What are the weaknesses associated with this card?
Position 4: What is the overall meaning of the card for you?

As last card I have pulled Ten of Coins from the Tarot of Jane Austen, a card from this deck that I have never pulled before. I have drawn it for position 4: The overall meaning of the card for me. 


Just as the first card of this spread (The Emperor) this card is based on the book Mansfield Park. The card shows Fanny and Edmund with a baby. In the back stands Sir. Thomas Bertram, the figure on the card of the Emperor. The card represents order, financial security, family traditions, and solidity. The card connects to The Emperor (card 1) because of Sir Bertram and to Four of Coins, the card of fear for poverty, because it is a four, just like the Emperor.

Well, what to make of this all for the card I am delving into, the Seven of Pentacles that I have pulled for what it is that is important to me in the next half year? I am not at all sure about it, but it revolves round the importance of solid structures. It looks as if I do not feel secure, having a clear-cut place, needing to establish that, or look into that feeling of neediness maybe, which helps to feel secure I do not know yet (well…that is the Ace of Quils, the weakness, in position 2). It will be my Wheel of Fortue year.
Tags: tarot of jane austen, ten of pentacles

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