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Yom Kippur Katan

Today it is Yom Kippur Katan, the Jewish Festival before the new moon. It is a day to look back to the month that is past, in order to start with a clean slate when the moon begins a new round.

It was almost Halloween last month and I pulled my card from the Halloween Tarot. It was Seven of Bats (Swords). Looking back on my past month I see myself walking with all my duties on my back, walking on tip toes, very careful, afraid not to make it.
The card also refers to my planning for next year. That was an important issue this month. All is planned expect one course. From one organization I have not heard yet when they have arranged my course. I had to hand in several dates very early, and I could not take all these date into account, so each night when I fall asleep I am worried that I have weeks of 6 days of work in a row. I reassure myself with the thought that this course is only three day parts.

I pulled the Chariot from the Tarot of Jane Austen to look back on my month. Depicted is Mary Crawford from Mansfield Park, riding towards a new adventure. Mary Crawford is a confident woman who aims for status and power. She wants to go forward to higher grounds. 


I recognize myself in her in the sense that the part of me that was in need of rest and play did not have much room this month.

It was a month of ´getting things done´, going forward, being afraid that I could not get it done soon enough. In that respect it challenged me to reevaluate my goals (hence the card I pulled for the upcoming 6 months, the seven of Pentacles). But sometimes, when I saw that I was able to get the things done on time, I loved it on my fast horse.
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