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September, Flocks of Birds


In september, there are flocks of birds to see in the sky here in The Netherlands. These birds are flying to the south. Up in the air they fly, often in a V formation, over farmhouses, meadows and cities. On they go, towards warmer areas.

These birds embody, as no other animals, the restless spirit of the autumn. What do these birds tell us of our own lives?

The flying birds are expanding their horizon. They can remind us of the significance of expanding our own own horizons. Therefore today I ask a tarot-question about the theme of expanding my horizon. My question is: How can I expand my horizon? 


I pulled The Moon, from the Arthurian Tarot. The moon in the sky waxes and wanes in a natural cylce.

On the card we see an unborn baby growing in the womb of of the moon, as the Great Mother, and we see a salmon springing up, out of the river. Both are fulfilling their task and their destiny in the rhythm that belongs to that. The baby will be born in the time that is given for it, and the salmon will arrive at his destination right on time to mate. What does this say about how I can expand my horizon?

Expanding my horizon happens in a natural way, I only need to listen to the rhythm of my life in its ups and downs, its fastness and its slowness. I do not have to force myself into expanding. It just happens.

Inspired by: James Kambos, "Wild Geese of Autumn Spell". In: Witches Spell-A-Day Almanac, Llewellyn, 2005, p185.
Tags: arthurian tarot, moon, seasonal question

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