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December 9, With Swift Pace

Clare encourages Agnes, in the Third Letter, in same excerpt as yesterday and the day before, to walk with swift pace, while fulfilling her vows.

“(11) (…) What you hold, may you continue to hold,
what you do, may you keep doing and not

(12) but with swift pace, nible step, and feet that
do not stumble so that even your walking
does not raise any dust, (…)

(14) trusting in no one and agreeing with no one insofar as he might want to dissuade you from pursuing your founding purpose or might place a stumbling block in your way, preventing you, in that perfection with which the Spirit of the Lord has called you, from fulfilling your vows to the Most High.”

The cards for Day 6 to 12 focus on your own vocation. The question for today is why it is important to fulfill your vocation with swift pace.

Why should I keep swift pace, fulfilling my divine vocation?

My vocation is an empty room with a four poster bed; a room to be occupied by me: 


On the card I have pulled today, Grandmother of Cups, an old lady is depicted, holding her arms around three children. 


This lady asks me to retrieve pieces of my soul that have claimed or captured. (I have this from the booklet.) Clare talks about the fulfilling of vows in this excerpt. The text of booklet about this card also speaks about vows: “Godmother asks, what vows have you taken? What do you honor?` The children on the card are the pieces of my soul that I need to honor. I will become more myself and more ´whole´ if I retrieve them, the quicker, the better. I need to retrieve them in order to fill the room of myself.
Tags: advent 2008, four of pentacles, queen of cups, tarot of the crone

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