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Stumbling Block

At the moment of Clare´s letter to Agnes pope Gregory IX wanted Agnes' monastery to accept income from the profits of a hospice she had founded. He opposes to her plans and is a ´stumbling block´ for her in fulfilling her vows.

“(13) may you go forward tranquilly, joyfully, briskly, and cautiously along the path of happiness,

(14) trusting in no one and agreeing with no one insofar as he might want to dissuade you from pursuing your founding purpose or might place a stumbling block in your way, preventing you, in that perfection with which the Spirit of the Lord has called you, from fulfilling your vows to the Most High.”

The cards for Day 6 to 12 focus on your vocation. The question of today is what hinders the fulfilling of your divine vocation. This can be something outside yourself, for instance in your circumstance. It can also be something in yourself, an attitude, a worn-out pattern of behavior, a conflict, fear, harshness towards yourself, guilt etc..

What is a stumbling block for my founding purpose, my divine vocation?

The card I have pulled as a stumbling-block is Seven of Wands from the Tarot of the Crone. Just by looking at the the card, I think my stumbling block comes from inside: there is fire at my feet which is doing something to me. 


The fire at the hem of my cloak is eating me. I let take my power away, which consumes me (there is a relation with the devil, yesterdays card here) This is a real stumbling block for me; the fire makes me doubt myself, and the things I do.

For my own clarity of mind, these are the cards that I have pulled so far for my vocation:
My divine vocation itself: occupying my own space (Four of Pentacles);
What to hold: speak my mind; having an eye for the many truths of life (Grandmother of Swords);
What to keep doing: reflect on myself, looking for patterns, being open to new thoughts (Two of Swords);
Why a swift pace: in order retrieve lost parts of myself quickly (Grandmother of Cups);
Dust: the dust is not doing things my heart longs for (Devil); 
Tags: advent 2008, seven of wands, st. clare of assisi, tarot of the crone

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