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Clare of Assisi comforts Agnes of Prague in her Second Letter (1235-38) by telling her to set her eyes on Christ, and to suffer with him. The cards for day 13, 14 and 15 in this Advent period revolve around the contemplation, and suffering with Christ 9 (19-22).

“(19) Now that you have made yourself contemptible in this world for his sake, look upon and follow the one who made himself contemptible for your sake. (20) Gaze upon, examine, contemplate, most noble queen, desiring to follow your spouse, who is more beautiful than the sons of humankind, and who for your salvation became the vilest of men, despised, struck, and flogged repeatedly over his entire body, dying while suffering the excruciating torments of the cross.”

The question of today is about the contemplation of Christ.

What do I see when I contemplate, gaze upon Christ (and why is this important to me to see this aspect of Christ?)

It is a traditional image of Christ I have drawn, it looks like a painting of Christ on the cross. It is the Hanged Man from the Victoria Regina Tarot. I know about the sacrifice of Christ and all, but I do not think the answer lies in that. 

What is important to me in this image of Christ is that it allows for taking a peek in another reality. Cannot say much more about it, but I know this is the answer, maybe gazing at another reality. Cannot say why it is important to me either, nor that I do this. I know I have this earthy vocation in which there is no other realty at all (Four of Pentacles, Tarot of the Crone). Bits and Pieces of an answer.

Tags: advent 2008, four of pentacles, hanged man, st. clare of assisi, victoria regina tarot

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