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Clare of Assisi comforts Agnes of Prague in her Second Letter (1235-38). She stimulates Agnes to contemplate the Poor Christ and to suffer with him. The cards for day 13, 14 and 15 in this Advent period revolve around the contemplation and the suffering with Christ.

“(21) If you suffer with him, with him you will reign, grieving with him, with him you will rejoice, dying with him on the cross of tribulation, with him you will possess mansions in heaven among the splendors of the saints, (22) and your name will be recorded in the Book of Life and will bring you glory among men and women.”

The question of today revolves about the suffering of Christ.

Why is it important, or could it be important to suffer with Christ? 


I have pulled Nine of Wands from the Victoria Regina Tarot.

The thought of the suffering of Christ helps me to endure my own suffering. The man on the card, the only human in an industrial setting, standing before the wheels of society that can so easily crush one... this man made me realize that suffering is a human thing. Strangely enough, the suffering of Christ is so closely connected for me with his resurrection, that I cannot see his suffering apart his resurrection, nor from his seat in heaven (all those paintings). So, in a sense suffering is something hopeful, something that is tied to wholeness.
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