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Clare stimulates Agnes to contemplate the Poor Christ and to suffer with him. The cards for day 13 and 14 focused on the contemplation and the suffering with Christ. Today the focus is on the rewards.

“(22) (…) your name will be recorded in the Book of Life and will bring you glory among men and women.”

What does contemplating and suffering with Christ bring me?

The card that I have received is Prince of Wands (Knight) from the Victoria Regina Tarot. 


Depicted on the card is Oscar Wilde, who crossed boundaries, and was a flamboyant man. Enthusiasm, lust for life, and flair is what contemplation and suffering with Christ will bring me. Christ choose to live on earth, he lived it intense and full. He was not dull, or acted as a victim.  I need to be on the look out though for being too fierce in gazing and suffering: the Prince of Wands is sometimes too enthusiast, crossing boundaries he should respect.

Writing too is de result….there are words written on the background of the card. Sermons, study material for courses, and even some entries of this blog are the result of gazing at and suffering with Christ.
Tags: advent 2008, knight of wands, st. clare of assisi, victoria regina tarot

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