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Image of the Divine One

On Christmas Christ is born. Christ needs to be born in ourselves too, in our mind, heart, soul and entire being. The dark days in this period help us to do this. We long for light, and love. We read the same passage from the Third Letter as yesterday, and the days before:

"[Let] not (…) bitterness and confusion envelop you, O Lady most beloved in Christ, joy of the angels, and crown of your sisters. (12) Place your mind in the mirror of eternity; place your soul in the splendor of glory; (13) place your heart in the figure of the divine substance; and, through contemplation, transform your entire being into the image of the Divine One himself, (14) so that you, yourself, may also experience what his friends experience when they taste the hidden sweetness that God alone has kept from the beginning for those who love him.”

Clare recommends Agnes that she transforms herself into the image of the Divine One. She encourages Agnes to birth Christ in herself in contemplation. If Agnes in contemplation places her mind in the mirror of eternity, her soul in the splendor of glory, and her heart into the figure of Divine Substance she will be able to transform herself into the image of the Divine One. Today’s question is about this transformation:

How am I as an image of the Divine One (having put my mind into the mirror of eternity, my soul in the splendor of glory, and my heart into the figure of Divine Substance)?

The card that came to the table is Queen of Pentacles from the Victorian Romantic Tarot: a woman leaning on a golden pentacle. 


As the image of the divine, which fractures itself in the light all living beings, I am the Queen of Pentacles: practical, relaxed, skilled, sensual, caring, down to earth, and confident.

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