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I come back from a most confusing trip. When changing trains on my way back from Utrecht, a city far away from where I live, I got into a train to Leeuwarden, the right direction. But it did not go there, it went to Groningen. When I was in Groningen I had to go back by bus. I thought I could just make the bus, but I missed it by half a minute. I saw it driving away before my eyes. Then I waited for twenty minutes for a new but slower bus, but when it came and drove away it stood still on a deserted highway after 10 minutes of driving. There were reparations on the road. I would have been home at seven, but I was home at a quarter to ten.

It aptly illustrated the roads and the detours taken in my religious life I told about in the network-meeting of feminist theologians I have been to today. It is winding back and towards my christian roots, around The Goddess and is grounded in the Wheel of the Year. Confusing sometimes.

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