ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Tiny Heavens

It is almost Christmas, the night of the birth of Christ. In her Third Letter Clare speaks about the birth of Christ. She says that the heavens could not hold Christ. They had to release him. The cards for day 21 to 25, ending with Christmas Day, circle around this themet:

“(18) May you cling to his most sweet Mother, who gave birth to the kind of Son whom the heavens could not contain (19) and yet, she carried him in the tiny enclosure of her sacred womb, and held him on her young girl's lap.”

The question for today is:
Why could not the heavens contain Christ? 

The card that I have drawn is Six of Wands from the Tarot of Prague. Seeing the card with the cheering angels, they saw him leave gladly. 


See also this later entry:
Tags: advent 2008, six of wands, st. clare of assisi, tarot of prague

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