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Mary’s Womb

Clare of Assisi speaks in her Third Letter to Agnes of Prague about Christ whom the vast heavens could not contain, while Mary carried him in her little womb, and held him on her lap. The cards for day 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25, ending with Christmas Day, circle around this image.

“(18) May you cling to his most sweet Mother, who gave birth to the kind of Son whom the heavens could not contain (19) and yet, she carried him in the tiny enclosure of her sacred womb, and held him on her young girl's lap.”

The heavens are vast and the womb of Mary is tiny. The question of today is:

How could Mary carry Christ in the tiny enclosure of her sacred womb, while the heavens could not contain him?

I have pulled Ten of Pentacles form the Tarot of Prague. 


The man and the dog on the forefront on the forefront of the card are taken from a bronze plaques from the pedestal of the a statue on the Charles bridge in Prague. It is believed that these plaques are magical. If you touch them it is believed that you will return to Prague, and it may grant an extra wish. I see Mary as the girl in the background of the card. Mary the young, happy, carefree girl with ten pentacles dancing around her, with a lover at her feet, is magically protected by the man and the dog in the forefront. That is why Mary's tiny womb can contain Christ, whom the heavens could not contain. But who is this man on the bronze plaque in Prague who protects her? This man is us: all of us who want to touch this plaque, all who believe in magic, and in the magic of Christmas. The man who protects Mary represents all people who hope that heaven will come down to earth, that Mary will birth Christ.
Tags: advent 2008, st. clare of assisi, tarot of prague, ten of pentacles

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