ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

My Womb

Clare speaks in her Third Letter about Mary who carries Christ in her tiny womb, while the heavens could not enfold him. This is the focus of the cards for day 21 to 25.

“(18) May you cling to his most sweet Mother, who gave birth to the kind of Son whom the heavens could not contain, (19) and yet, she carried him in the tiny enclosure of her sacred womb, and held him on her young girl's lap.”

The image of the Mary carrying Christ in her womb is the starting point of the question of today. The question is:

How can I carry Christ in my womb?

By being watchful in the thin air of the early morning. 


I have pulled the Page of Swords from the Tarot of Prague. The image on the card is taken from a statue of Bruncvik. He is the hero who permanently watches over Prague, ready to draw his magic sword and defend the city when necessary.
Tags: advent 2008, page of swords, st. clare of assisi, tarot of prague

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