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Lake of Milk, Card 1

Again I am doing a spread inspired by a story about Brigid, the saint and goddess who belongs to Candlemas. This is the story:

Once seven “venerable bishops” came to visit Brigid. Her cook told Brigid that they did not have any refreshments to give the bishops. But Brigid was able to milk her cows three times in the same day. Each time the cows gave three times the amount of milk what they normally gave. Finally all the pails of Leinster overflowed. Created was what nowadays is called the Lake of Milk.

1.Whom/of what do I have nothing to offer when they come visiting me? The card can show people or aspects of myself or others. It can be someone or something I really like; it can also be someone I dislike or it can be a shadow aspect of myself.
2.How can I follow in Brigid’s footsteps, and ‘milk my cows’, in such a way that a lake of milk could be created, in other words that there is more than enough.
3.The result (read the card positively)

Today I have read the card for the first question: Whom/what have I nothing to offer to when they come visiting me? 


The part that I have nothing to offer to the is the part in me that is rich and really, really content with itself (myself). I do have a very low opinion of this person: he is sly, too content with himself, selfish and dishonest.

I love his ermine coat though, I want it. I did not know this card before and I truly love it.

Story from Amber K and Azrael Arynn K. Candlemas: Feast of Flames, Llewellyn, 2003.
Tags: brigit, page of pentacles, spread, victorian romantic tarot

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