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Doing Readings with my Stomach-Muscles


I had planned to pull a card to celebrate Rosh Hashana in this entry, but I do not do that today, but tomorrow, because too much has happened. I went for instance on a moth-hunting excursion yesterday night.

And in addition to that, early this morning my daughter and I went by train and taxi through a deserted Sunday countryside to see a master-class by the famous Dutch singer Amanda van Kralingen, because the singing-teacher of my daughter participated in this workshop. It was very inspiring, and the teacher of my daughter learned a lot and sang very well. I did not sing, but I did learn something too. Earlier this week I have pulled Two of Pentacles as an answer to the question about what to explore next in tarot (the entry of September 17). I need to stay in my center, use my instincts, and be playful. This class has taught me the importance of using the muscles of my stomach during readings. It made the singing much more lively and centered. I think it will work the same way for tarot as well. I will be able to stay in my center more if I use my stomach-muscles. So, I shall work with these during readings.

Tomorrow I read my card for Rosh Hashana. At least, I hope so. 

Painting: Singing Bird, Yom Tov Art Gallery.
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