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Card for Rosh Hashana


I mentioned several possibilities for reading a card for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year (in the entry of 23 september), and I want to choose one of them to read with. Themes in this this holiday are: reflecting on your sins of the past year, forgiveness, blessing and enjoying the harvest, and the hope that the new year will be a good one, (a sweet one, in my own words).

"Oh please take the the sweetness of your next year as your subject", my husband said when I asked him to which question I should take to celebrate Rosh Hashannah, "it suits you more than theme of atonement." As a critical Virgin I am inclined, and he knows that, to choose the theme of reflecting on my sins.

So, I choose the goodness of the following year. My question is: "What is the sweetness of my New Year to come?"

I have pulled my card from The Shining Tribe Tarot. It is the Hermit. 


The hermit on this card is full of joy and enthusiasm, heading, arms stretched-out, for a mystical dark-blue door, behind which is a lamp, left behind by teachers of spiritual traditions. The lamp comes all the way down from the Desert Fathers, the Hindu rishis, and other hermits, to me, to us so we can use, explore and build on its wisdom and riches.

To me this means that I am able to use, explore and use the riches of religion, but only if I will encounter them with joy through that mystical blue door. I need to seek my own access to this lamp, in my own way, although the wisdom that is waiting will be traditional, not new. The sweetness of the coming year lies in seeking my own access.

I must say that after this card I also pulled one about what I have to atone for in the past year. The card is from the same deck, and is called "Awakening", Judgement.

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