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Her Cloak on a Sunbeam, Card 3

Today I thought it was a good time to pull the last card in the spread “Her cloak on a sunbeam”, a spread inspired by a story about Brigid of Kildare. This is the story and the questions for the cards.

Once, when Brigid was wandered far from home to feed her flock in a wet season, she was caught by a rain shower that made her soaking wet. When she arrived home in a soaking cloak she mistook a sunbeam for a pole, and threw her cloak over it in order to dry. Amazingly, the sunbeam supported her wet cloak. A bishop who saw the incident was impressed. His servant tried the same thing, but the soggy cloak from the bishop fell in a puddle.

1. Where I am, having wandered far from myself.
2. The rain that falls on me there; grief and sadness that comes over me, making me soaking wet.
3. When a sunbeam takes over my grief and sadness, and I come home in myself.
The question for the third and last card is: “When a sunbeam takes over my grief and sadness, and I come home in myself.”

By accident I had put the cards that I already had pulled back in the deck. And what did I pull…the Three of Swords. The same card as the first, the card that I pulled for the question: Where I am, having wandered far from myself. 


I feel like the bishop whose cloak fell down, when his servant tried to throw it over de sunbeam. But no. I think the message is that when I get in touch with my grief, I come home in myself, which is when the sunbeam takes over.
Tags: brigit, three of swords, victorian romantic tarot

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