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Head Lice and a Calf and a Loom returned, Card 2

My daughter has got lice on her head. It is our first time. I have always afraid for this, because of my arms. I would not be able to do the combing. But now I can, and I am very happy about that. Still I do no like it.

I have read card 2 of my spread inspired by a story about Brigid and hospitality.

Once Brigid it was too late for Brigid to return home at night. She lodged with a poor woman. The poor woman wanted very much to be a good hostess. She killed her only calf, and broke her weaving loom in pieces to make a fire. When Brigid discovered that this woman had done this, that she had gone to such extremes, she vowed to reward the woman for her generosity. In the morning after Brigid had left, the woman found out that the calf and loom were replaced.

1. The woman of the home where Brigid stays the night offers two things for hospitality that are of great value for her livelihood. The question for the card is: two things of great value that I offer in order to be generous and inviting.
2. What is the result for my life, when I have to miss these things (card 1)
3. The woman and the calf are returned. What if Brigid steps in? How will Brigid reward my generosity? (Read the card positively)

Story from Amber K and Azrael Arynn K. Candlemas: Feast of Flames, Llewellyn, 2003. 


I have read card 2 today: What is the result for my life, when I have to miss the things (card 1) that are of great value to me. Peace and quiet is what I miss (card 1).

I´ve pulled the Emperor from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 

This Emperor is a lame one. He looks bored, spoiled, and is not very active. He is not doing his emperor job, being in charge. This is, of course, me from the inside. I am polite listening, but not sharing. The longer I look at this card, the more I hate my attitude. The Emperor is not only spoiled, and bored, he is arrogant too by the look of it, and can be angered easily. Seeing this card there is an inner conflict in wanting to be generous and thereby hiding my own needs. 
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