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Boethius (480-524)

It is late already, but I cannot sleep. I forgot that the tax-person comes very soon. I have not begun yet to do the paperwork.

I’ve drawn some very interesting cards to words from the philosopher Boethius (480-524).

“If you would be honest, great is the necessity enjoined upon your goodness, since all you do is done before the eyes of an all-seeing Judge.” (The Consolation of Philosophy)

First card

The first card I pulled was for: "How to be honest and good at the same time?" To this question I’ve pulled the Hanged Man from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 


The need to be honest and good at the same time is tie, and the card reflects that. The Hanged Man hangs in suspension, immobilized. How much does this remind me of Derrida, he often talks about ties. I unexpectedly read his name today, and tears came to my eyes.

But, is it really a tie? You can also say that the Hanged Man sees all what happens in the bigger perspective. He is detached, offers his ego-bound anger, which brings the goodness out. This is a second interpretation.

Second card

I pulled a card to a second question: “How to be honest?” To this question I pulled the Ace of Swords. 


Interestingly this card shows both honesty and goodness. The Ace of Swords is about clarity of mind and integrity. This version of the Ace has a softness and lightness, because of the shroud and the nakedness of the woman (angel or elf). Beside that, she has a choice to pick up the sword or not. She is not bound to pick it up, but she can do so. It is the ability to choose that is important here. Just as the Hanged Man, the woman is not attached to the sword. That is her honesty (and her goodness). 
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