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How the Cross Spider Got his Cross (part 1)



There are many cross spiders, more commonly called 'garden spiders', round the house right now. These spiders can be identified by a distinctive white cross on their abdomen. They build big circular orb webs. Often they sit in the middle of their web.

Today I want to pull a card about on the theme of the inner child, for I (try) to work on a course this week about the Inner Child Cards. It will be a question about protection.  

I set off with a legend about the cross-spider, after that I come to the question for my card. In my next entry I will pull it .

How the cross-spider got its cross

This is a story from far away and from a long time ago. It is about Joseph, Maria and Jesus. It starts when Jesus is new born. When King Herod heard that there was a special baby born, he was afraid that this baby would take away his throne when he was grown up. Therefore he ordered his soldiers to kill all the little boys, for in that place and time only boys could be king. Joseph and Maria had to flee with their little baby Jesus. They went to Egypt. During their flight each night they had to find a place to sleep in, safe for the soldiers. This night Joseph found a cave for the three of them in the rocks, a little away from the road. When the family was inside, immediately a spider crawled out of a cleft and began to build a web at the entrance of the cave. When it was ready the spin went to sit in the middle of it. Suddenly the echo of boots was heard, and the hoofs of horses. Soldiers. Nearer and nearer they came. One of the soldiers saw the cave. “I see a place here where they can easily have hidden themselves, I am going to check it out”. Worriedly but glad to have found a place, Joseph and Maria were sound asleep, and did not hear the loud footsteps of the boots and the hoofs of the horses. There the soldier came, directly to the entry of the cave, a long, sharp knife in his hands. Before the entrance he stood still, surprised. He called to the others: “They cannot be here, the whole entrance is covered by a web, no thread of it is torn. Nobody can be in here”. When the other soldiers heard this, they went on their way.

The next morning Maria carried the baby outside. On one side of the web, a few threads were torn, but the spider stayed were he was. When the little Jesus saw the spider, he stretched out his hand to it and drew a cross on its back. That is why the cross-spider has its cross.

In the context of my question my question I see Joseph, Maria, the little baby Jesus, the soldiers and the spider all as aspects of myself. The baby Jesus is my inner child who is under threat. My inner parents, Joseph and Maria, are not able to protect it from harm. The spider is the aspect in me that is able to protect the child in me, and the soldiers are the theat. 

The question I shall ask the tarot is: How do I protect the child inside from harm?

Other questions that can be asked are: What harm can overcome my inner child, what is the threat to it (soldiers)? Why cannot the parents (my inner parents)  protect my child? And how does that feel? How does it feel when my inner child is safe? What is the reward for the protecting aspect (the spider) in me? What does the cross mean to me? If you think the protecting aspect does not do its' job, you can ask what blocks it, and then, what can be done to remove this block.

Legend retold from: Immanuël, Jakob Streit, Legenden van het kind Jezus, Christofoor 1977.
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