ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Lent, First Friday, The Washer at the Ford

My subject for my card for today is based on John 1:40-42. Simon is taken to Jesus by his brother. When Jesus sees Simon, he gives him another name. My question for the my card is: What is the name Jesus gives me?

The card that I have drawn is The Washer at the Ford (Death) from the Arthurian Tarot; an extremely fierce card. 

This is the second threshold card I pulled (Queen of Cups from the Arthurian Tarot is the other one, on Ash Wednesday). Soldiers saw this woman washing their clothes in a ford, when they were going to die. My name is: Washer at the Ford.
Tags: arthurian tarot, death, lent 2009

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