ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Lent, Wednesday, First Week

Today my friend Lidy an me prepared our dream course. We also talked about me. I did not stop talking. It became clearer and clearer that something must change.  

I am thinking about teaching less classes. Maybe I will follow a course to become coach, but I do not know about that yet. But what sure is that I will prepare for a book about reading biblical texts using the tarot as instrument (for intuitive exegesis). Work title: “With Cards to God.” In Dutch it is a funny title, in English it makes even laugh more. I’ve sent some of my material to an editor of a publisher and he liked it. I need to make a proposal, and then it will be looked at by many other people. I need to do a lot of work without being certain of publishing. But I’ll do it.

Looking back, that is the reason for two of the cards that I pulled last week and this week: The Washer at the Ford, the whining Five of Cups, and the card of the Hermit that as if I was not at the right place.

Yesterday I pulled a card for the question “How am I a person of Spirit? The question was inspired by Jesus talking to Nicodemus. I did not define beforehand what that kind of person would be. 


The woman on the card is as a pearl in an open oyster. She seems to meet her opposite. The card is almost a Two of Cups. I think, at the moment, I am a person of Spirit by being open for something new and other, for change.
Tags: ace of cups, lent 2009, victorian romantic tarot

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