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A Wild Chestnut-Seed

I am still charting my inner child. What I am trying to do here, today as well as yesterday, is adding extra layers on the meaning of Inner Child Cards, that is specifically from the perspective the inner child. In other words: they get significant in the context of inner child work.

Today I pick a card along a photo. It is a photo of a Wild Chestnut-seed. My question is: "How is this chestnut-seed an image of my Inner Child?" 


As an answer to my question I pulled Seven of Crystals. 


I had to laugh a little when I saw this card. I (as my child inside) feel very vulnerable in my experience of religion. It is a major theme in this blog, but still, it is true. My inner feelings about my own faith are not easily shared by me. But, experiencing religion is important to me. It brings me to my heart, it opens me, and that helps me relax. The rind and the prickles are needed for protection.

An interpretation from the perspective of the inner child adds on dept when it is possible to relate the card to (repeated) situation(s) and feelings from childhood. I am brief here for reasons of privacy, but in our family issues of religion mattered a lot, and were much debated. 

Follow-up questions for me to pull cards for can be: How can my inner child feel in a safe way open up more?  What will help it do do that?  

The photo is by aman_geld
Tags: autumn, inner child, inner child cards, seasonal question, seven of pentacles

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