ladyofthemoor (ladyofthemoor) wrote,

Lent, Monday, Fourth Week (Second Entry)

Yesterday I pulled the Hanged Man from the Fey Tarot as an answer to the following question: How do I meet Jesus (in what appearance)? The question was inspired by the miracle at sea, in which the disciples are saved by Jesus. They see him coming in a huge storm, walking on the water and suddenly they are on shore. It is a very dramatic story.


The fish on the card is Jesus. Fish is what Jesus is called by the first Christian: Ichtus. ἰχθύς

This particular fish is red. In the fish - which is how Jesus appears to me -  I meet my anger. So, meeting Jesus, means seeing my anger. Not at all. I meet him in that that what is the most difficult to live with.

I do not mean this in a moral sense: “You may not be angry”. It is more in the sense of accepting it. That is belongs to me.

Tags: fey tarot, hanged man, lent 2009

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