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Feast Day of St. Michaël the Archangel (part 1)


Today it is the Feast of St.Michaël the Archangel. Saint Michael is the leader of all the heavenly armies, and one of his tasks is to protect people against dark forces. This is seen as something we always need, but it is at this time of the year especially relevant with the darkness of the coming winter.

Often Michaël is depicted as slaying the devil, the dark force. We could see the devil as the part of ourself that is unwanted and therefore must be repressed ('the shadow'). We all know that banishing and repressing unwanted traits, characteristics we are ashamed of, does not help. These traits will come back to haunt us because they want to be heard, understood, and be put into perspective. Thus, is slaying the devil such a good thing? I do not think so, but although we know we better not, we we all do it.

With the use of tarot we can become aware of the parts of ourselves which we so violently repress, and this is a first step on the way of acknowledging them, of giving them their proper place.

I am still working on the Inner Child Course in Add, charting my own inner child. Therefore today I ask: "What part of my inner child am I ashamed of, which part do I want to kill off?"

Now I must do some shopping and cooking. I hope to pull my card tonight.
Tags: autumn, inner child, religious question, saint, seasonal question, st. michael

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