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Questions for a Daily Card during Lent in English

These are questions for a daily card during Lent in English. I started from Saturday week 2. Right now we are at Wednesday week 3, which is not the most uplifting question. Feel free to change my translations in real English.


Saturday week 2: About what am I afraid to speak? John:12-13
(March 7, 2010) Sunday week 3: What is uncontrollable in me? Mark 5:1-13
Monday week 3: Where can I find Jesus? John 7:32-34
Tuesday week 3: Towards what flow the streams of living water from inside me? John 7:37-38
Wednesday week 3: What is my sin? John 8:1-7
Thursday week 3: What is the truth about me that sets me free? John 8:31-32
Friday week 3: How can I become truly free? John 8:33-36
Saturday week 3: Which word of God do I keep? John 8: 51-55
(March 14, 2010) Sunday week 4: What do I fail to see and hear? Mark 8:16-21
Monday week 4: What do I need more of? John 6:1-11
Tuesday week 4: How does Jesus come to me (figure, character)? John 6:16-21
Wednesday week 4: How am I bread of life (how am I the living bread)? John 6:28-35
Thursday week 4: The sacrifice that gives me life is... John 6:48-51
Friday week 4: How remains Jesus in me? John 6:52-56
Saturday week 4: What is the Spirit that gives me life? John 6:60-63
(March 21 2010) Sunday week 5: What is the cross I bear, following Jesus? Mark 8:34
Monday week 5: How can my eyes be opened? John 9:1-7
Tuesday week 5: For what will Jesus open my eyes? (What does he want to show me?) John 9:35-39
Wednesday week 5: What is the door that opens to pasture? John 10:1-9
Thursday week 5: What brings me to faith? John 10:40-42
Friday week 5: What do I want to give Jesus? John 12,1-2
Saturday week 5: What heals me, and makes that my eyes see, my ears hear and my heart opens? John 12:27-40
(March 27, 2010) Palm Sunday: How can I be a king like Jesus? John 12:12-15
Monday Holy Week: What is being healed by Jesus in me? Matt. 21:14
Tuesday Holy Week: What needs to die in me so that I will bear fruit? John 12:23-24
Wednesday Holy Week: What comforts me in my fear? John 12:27
Maundy Thursday: What work am I completing that Jesus gave me to do? John 17:4
Good Friday: In what way do I betray Jesus? John 13:36-38
Holy Saturday: How can I enter Gods rest right now? Hebr.4:6-11
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