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Stern and Compassionate

The King of Swords is my Card of the Day. 


Court Cards can be seen as types, or as parts of you personality. King of Swords-like persons are decisive; stern and in control.
I do find my own king-and-queen-of-swords-side difficult. I am very much like them: critical, even harsh. It is in fact my strongest side. But I hated it when I became aware of that. I'd rather be really nice.

The Gilded version of the King of Swords looks if he knows he is in control, and can be critical, but he is very easygoing about that.

This will help me to come unto terms with the stern side of my personality.

The King of Swords teaches me today also, to be in control of the events that happen, to have my own say in them.
Tags: gilded tarot, king of swords

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