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Blog a Koran Day - Allah and the Mosquito (Sura 2:26-27)

This entry is in honor of Blog a Koran Day (9/11), a wonderful initiative by Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi) to help create understanding and respect between Moslims and Christians. My entry is inspired by Sura 2:26-27 from the Koran in which it is said that Allah compares himself to a tiny mosquito.

[2:26] GOD does not shy away from citing any kind of allegory, from the tiny mosquito and greater. As for those who believe, they know that it is the truth from their Lord. As for those who disbelieve, they say, "What did GOD mean by such an allegory?" He misleads many thereby, and guides many thereby. But He never misleads thereby except the wicked,
[2:27] who violate GOD's covenant after pledging to uphold it, sever what GOD has commanded to be joined, and commit evil. These are the losers.
Allah compares himself with a mosquito and is not ashamed about it. Mosquito’s buzz, bite, and bring diseases. You would not expect Allah wanting to compare himself to something like that. Yet he does.

There is a play on the words ‘allegory’ and ‘truth’ in these verses. The comparison of Allah with the mosquito is the truth, the essence of Allah. It is more than just some allegory. The comparison runs deeper, is mystical, it reaches far and deep. Allah holds the creation together, ‘joins’ it parts, by comparing himself to the tiny mosquito. It is essential that he does this.

I often pull a tarot card to meditate on a question. My question for today is: ‘What if I would compare myself with a mosquito, what will give me that?


The card that I have drawn is Strength from the Rider Waite Tarot. By comparing myself with a mosquito I come into contact with my shadow side. Sometimes I feel like a buzzing, nasty mosquito. I can bite, often I am sharp and angry. This is expressed by the lion on the card: a lion is a wild animal. The woman corrects the lion, but does not reject it. Gently she closes its jaws. She acts in a way that shows compassion with the beast. The gift of comparing myself with the mosquito is compassion with the difficult, buzzing, angry and sharp side of me.

Maybe it is like that for Allah as well. By comparing himself with a mosquito, he receives the gift of compassion with us.

Here is information about the nature and style of the Koran and here about reading and interpretation this book by Ziauddin Sardar
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