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Summer's Flight

I am in dire need of spicy cats after my ‘charting my inner child’ adventure. Therefore today I pull a card from the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ tarot.

We have many beautiful days at the moment here in Holland, with a lot of sun. It is in fact the most warm September in 300 years. But, also to this wonderful September-month comes an end, and these beautiful days will pass away.

My question for today is inspired by a poem, called “Summers’ Flight”. In this poem Autumn is described as the Summer flying away. She takes with her the leaves, but she promises the fruit will stay. “I take the leaves but not the fruit” are her words. The fruit is her parting gift. When summer ends, the fruit is ripe.

My question is: Which fruits (that ripened during the summer) do I take with me towards the winter?

Summer’s Flight

I at my window sit, and see
   Autumn his russet fingers lay
On every leaf of every tree.
    I call, but Summer will not stay.

She flies, the boasting goddess flies,
    And, pointing where the espaliers shoot,
“Deserve my parting gift,” she cries,
    “I take the leaves, but not the fruit.”

Let me the parting gift improve
    And emulate the just reply, 
As life’s short seasons swift remove,
    Ere fixed in Winter’s frost I lie.

Health, beauty, vigour now decline,
    The pride of Summer’s splendid day,
Leaves, which the stem must now resign,
    The mournful prelude of decay.

But let fair Virtue’s fruit remain,
    Though Summer with my leaves be fled.
Then, not despised, I’ll not complain,
    But cherish Autumn in her stead.
                                Anonymous, 18th century

I have pulled Ten of Wands as an answer to the question what fruits I take with me to the winter. 


It is unbelievable, but this cat actually walks through fallen leaves; a tree clad in beautiful autumn yellow is on the left of him. It is Autumn on the card, just as it is here!

All Tens carry the unresolved issues of the suit in them. The ten wands in the arms of this cat are plans started enthusiastic -the character of this suit- but now they have become too much. They are felt as a burden, a heavy load to carry.

This cat is me. I have loaded more and more wands in my already burdened arms, more and more plans and projects, and now I am almost tripping over. I had wanted spicy cats, but I have been given a spicy message. "You took too much on!" 

Tags: autumn, baroque bohemian cats' tarot, seasonal question, ten of wands

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