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The Well


Today I am going to pull a card as a response to a visualization. My husband has discovered this week that the word for ‘well’ in Hebrew is almost the same as the Hebrew word for ‘eye’. Wells in the Hebrew bible are almost always connected to God: healing happens there, new openings that take one forwards in life. 

My husband  stumbled on that while working on the story about Hagar, Sara and Abram in Genesis 16. There is an Hebrew wordplay in that story. The ‘eyes’ of Abram and Sara are set against the eye, (the well) of God. Abram gives permission to Sara to do what she pleases to Hagar (“do to her what good is in your eyes”). Sara then bullies Hagar. Hagar flees and comes to a well, the place where God ‘sees’ (helps) her, or where she looks in the well, and, seeing her image, realizes what she is doing. (All this is not visible in the English translation.) 

I like the image of wells being an eye of God or the Goddess; wells as places where you can look in the eye of the divine, and have contact with its soul, deep down in the nourishing earth. Who knows the water in the wells is made of tears cried by God or the Goddess for us, for the water in wells is as pure and cleansing as tears are. Here is my visualization.

The Well

I imagine myself sitting near a well. It is warm there and birds are singing. The water of the well is cool and still. I am worried, while sitting there. I see myself carrying ten wands, all my plans started full of enthusiasm, but now becoming a burden (see yesterdays’ post, September 30). I wonder what healing the water of this well can bring me, coming from so deep down in the earth, and reflecting the soul of God. I ask for healing, and I put my cupped hands in the water to take some of it. Then I bring it to my face so I can feel the refreshing water. 

The card I had pulled as a response of to this visualization is The Wheel of Fortune from The Secret Forest Tarot. 


Depicted is the metamorphosis of a butterfly. There is a caterpillar, a chrysalis and a butterfly, sitting and hanging on a flower. The butterfly sits on top of it, her big wings spread out. I think it will help me if I take one step at a time. Then my projects will evolve from caterpillar and chrysalis to a butterfly. In addition to that, it helps me to see myself as the butterfly, figural speaking ‘on top of it’, with its wings spread out, perfectly capable to do what it is needed. This is the healing the well, the tears of the divine, brings me today. 

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