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Three months of blogging!

I do a two-card reading today, because I use it in one of my classes. The subject of my reading is my blog. I am blogging now for more than three months. Time for evaluation. My question is: “How to proceed (go forward) with my blog?”.

The spread I use is derived from the first two cards of the Celtic Cross, but renamed, and thus the positions are slightly changed in meaning. The first position, card one, is called the ‘Situation’, and the second position, card two, which crosses card one, is renamed as the ‘challenge’. (This spread is from The Heart of Tarot.) 

I pull my cards from the Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot. 


The first card I have pulled, the card for my situation, is the Queen of Swords. To begin with, I like really like to journal. It gives me new insights, new perspectives, and some distance from myself and my situation. This figurine on the table with the telescope depicts all this. But, there is more to say about my situation.

The queen on the card is a bit defensive. One ear of the cat is tilted backwards. The queen is like me. I myself feel defensive as well. The Queen of Swords sometimes depicts someone who went through a lot in her life. Well, I did not type for more than ten years, because I had pain in my arms and could not type. I went through a lot with my arms. Typing is still difficult often. It is as if I do not have the right to do it. This all results in me being afraid the blog will be taken away from me (with one gash of a sword). Hence the unconfortable ear tilted backwards.

Further, my eyes keep going to the statue of the dog under the table. This means that this statue has something to say to me. The dog is standing in an awkward way, one hand helplessly in the air as if he is going to fight something that is too big for him. This is just as I feel, often I think “I cannot not keep this up and going, it is too much for me!” Thus, I see my blog partly as a fight. That takes a lot of energy, now I think of it! 


The second card I have pulled, the card for the challenge, is Three of Wands. The first thing I notice is the beautiful rich, red coat of the cat. I love it! The coat is rich. Can I say that I am rich? Yes, I am, for I have something behind me now, three month of entries! This cat looks forward (contrary the Queen of Swords, who sits backwards, defensively). The challenge for me is not to see the blog as a fight, something that is too big for me, or to which I do not have the right, but to be aware of my accomplishments untill now, and use that to look positively to the future.

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