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Marching on

Nine of Wands, my Card of the Day. A tired soldier bent down on the ground (Gilded version). You can find the Nine of Wands at:

I picked this card in the middle of the day.

A lot did happen already.
I made a stupid mistake in my tarotclass. That bothered me.
I wanted things I am afraid I cannot do with my sore arms, and I was sad about that (starting an interactive community at

One thing to be and one thing to do today: accept that I am not perfect (the mistake), and accept my limitations (maybe I will then find a way for my Zinweb-adventure).

I should take some rest (the 'do' thing), I'am tired. But I want to finish my Judgement-lesson as soon as possible. I did plan to make a Jonah-spread tonight!
Tags: gilded tarot, nine of wands

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