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An Autumn Country Lane


Today I have pulled a card alongside a picture of an autumnish lane; a country-path blazing radiant orange, with fallen leaves spread all over it. I wondered which tarot-image would reflect that lane.

The card that I have pulled for that image is sword two from the Arthurian Tarot. 


It looks peaceful, but with a closer look one sees that the trees beside the path have a different colour and the swords in the ground are different as well. In addition to that, on one side of the road lies a snake, and who knows it will bite. All of this makes the road uncomfortable too walk on for me. It means that walking on that road, I will become possibly aware of a division in myself, an inner conflict (two’s depict duality). Still it is a road that has to be travelled, for there is no other. I pulled it for that autumnish picture, but the card depicts also my situation aptly (so wonderful these cards, always a message).

Yesterday evening I taught a class about The Star. I had included many, many spreads about the themes of The Star in the written material. While I was explaining the spreads, I felt more and more uncomfortable, because there were so many spreads. I realized that it was overpowering much. On Tuesday morning, when I had another group I did not have that feeling, but for the group, last night, it was too much. This uncomfortable situation is depicted on the card. Teaching, so to speak, walking on that path of the card, made me aware of an inner conflict: I want to give the students many spreads about the lovely Star-themes, but I also see that it is much for them. This ambivalence is depicted on the card. But, can this card also be an image of Autumn?

Well, this season evokes ambivalent feelings. Fall is beautiful, its rich colours are lovely, and there is fruit and whine, yet it leads us to the barren and cold winter, to longer nights and shorter days. In addition to that, just as there is no other road to travel on the card, there is no other road to travel than the road right through Autumn, because we cannot escape the seasons. The Winter comes inevitable. 

How to make the most of these conflicts and ambivalences? The card is showing something extra what is not in the photo. There is a sun on the card. This sun hovers towards the end of the road, so it is a sort of a promise that awaits us. The road I travel on makes me feel uncomfortable. I make many mistakes, and it leads me now and then towards barren winters. But the promise of the path is that it gives me a greater awareness about who I am, what I am doing and what I aim for. That is what the sun is doing on the card, it promises me more completeness because I walk this uncomfortable road where I learn. There is no other way where I can get more awareness. This beautiful and uncomfortable road of Autumn must be walked.
Learning from life is a theme of the Hierophant, my soul- and personalitycard, so quite important to me (not easy).

Photo from: wrathchyilde
Tags: arthurian tarot, autumn, seasonal question, two of swords

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