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Sukkot Until Now


On the photo, a sukka in the night. After three days of inviting foremothers in my blog in celebration of Sukkot I feel a need for a little evaluation. I started out quite impulsively, in the dark, not having heard of this custom before last Friday. It has become more profound than I thought though, richer too, touching quite relevant themes in my life. I must say, I am more touched by biblical figures than by themes of the autumn, another important theme in by blog. But, this makes it also more intense, which does not suit me every day. 

What I really like, and did not think of when I started this, is that the foremothers form a spread because they have a place in the Tree of Life. Deborah is in the middle place, between the two others, Sarah (right) and Miriam (left). The card I pulled for Deborah is The High Priestess. The function of this middle card, which represents the sephira on the middle pillar of the tree, is to bring balance to the other two. Among other things, The High Priestess brings distance, detachment (instead of involvement). That is her message for me right now, as I look at her in relation to the other two cards (I will not go into that, takes too long). There will problably be more messages by her and by the others, I will be able see that when I have pulled more cards for other sephirot.
An absolute down-side is the time that it takes, which is much more than I expected. Although I always feel that the card is right on top, it is sometimes difficult to explain how foremother, sephira, card and my situation fit. This makes my entries longer, which I do not like, and it means also that I type more than I like. Another thing is the accessibility. Innocent people who take a stroll over my site and stumble over my blog will not always easily understand these entries, with their Jewish, biblical and kabbalistic terminology. Last but not least, I find the pressure of having promised to do a mother each day not easy to handle. 

On to Hannah, somewhere later today (much, much later).
Tags: foremothers, high priestess, old testament, spread: biblical foremothers, sukkot 2006

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